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Shop RAW & EDGY: Purple Amethyst Stalactite Necklaces by OhKuol Jewelry

With summer just around the corner, we are in love with jewelry pieces that are raw, bold, and unique. Our new purple amethyst stalactite jewelry come in exciting, free form shapes and each stalactite piece have amazing layers of colours – perfect for your casual, printed maxi dresses or your favourite LBT for an evening night out!

In addition to free form shapes, we also offer sleek and slender cylinder shapes, rectangular slices, half cylinder shapes, and more. Notice the stone’s different layer of minerals, giving each piece a lovely combination of colours, ranging from peach, vanilla, champagne, to soft white with rich pops of violet purple. 

Stalactite Cylinder Necklace


Stalactite Necklace 2


For more information on each piece, click on the image. All pieces are available here in our online shop! See all stalactite necklaces.

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