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September Birthstone – Blue Sapphire

The birthstone this month is Blue Sapphire, a beautiful stone known for its rich, royal blue colour.

We absolutely love pairing royal blue with gold, as the result is a piece with a timeless and regal feel to it.

Below are some of our recent creations using blue kyanite and blue quartz.

Sapphire Blue Kyanite Earrings - Sterling Silver - Chain Maille, Chandelier Earrings

These Blue Kyanite earrings were made through connecting sterling silver findings to create a chain maille pattern, notice the beautiful texture and detail.

Gold Royal Blue Quartz Earrings September Sapphire - September Birthstone, September Birthday

Our favourite staple for this autumn season: blue quartz studs! Aside from the colour of the stone, our favourite quality is the brushed finish – it gives our jewelry a handmade touch.

For more sapphire blue gemstone jewelry, visit our September Birthstone section: