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Our Showroom is Open!


In the beginning of this year, we shared news about a possible showroom for our customers to visit us in person and we are so pleased to announce that our showroom is officially open! We went for a bright and modern look with a touch of vintage and romance! With the help of our merchandiser, we were able to speed up the process and get the space ready in a short period of time.

That being said, we are now accepting visits by appointment! Having our showroom office will allow us to offer you the flexibility of picking up your order in person (especially if it is a time sensitive order), seeing and trying on jewelry before purchasing, or placing a custom order. We also offer the convenience of payment through credit card. For our showroom address, please contact us to schedule an appointment and also let us know which pieces you would like to see as we will need to prepare them for you!

This experience has been very positive so far and we have even seen some of our old customers from back when we had our retail shop on Granville & Broadway, which brought back some good memories! We are deciding whether we should do a soft opening. If we do, we will definitely be announcing the details so stay tuned & check back again!

– Priscilla